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12-28-2016 | ELLE Décor

2 oz. St. George Pear Brandy
.75 oz. lemon juice
.5 oz. honey bee pollen syrup
.25 oz. Amaro Montenegro
.5 oz. apple cider
1 egg white
Apple slices, thin
Add all ingredients into a shaker, dry shake, then add ice and shake again. Fine strain into cocktail glass, and garnish with a fan of thin apple slices and sprinkle with bee pollen.

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10-23-2016 | NYLON

The dimly-lit Pennyroyal bar is classic and cozy, perfect for grabbing a drink before taking in a show at the neighboring Moore Theater (also a historic landmark), and the downstairs restaurant Shaker + Spear (low-key one of Seattle’s better seafood restaurants).

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09-15-2016 | USA Today

At Pennyroyal in Seattle, head bartender Benjamin Harris makes Can You Feel The Buzz Tonight with George Pear Brandy, lemon juice, Honey-Bee Pollen Syrup, Amaro Montenegro, apple cider and egg white.

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08-31-2016 | Food Network Online

Runner's Revenge at Pennyroyal: Seattle

Don’t let this drink’s appearance fool you: It may be green in color, but it’s no healthy smoothie. Bartender Will Holland did create a similar nonalcoholic version for a father and son to drink post-run. In cocktail form, it blends gin with five healthy ingredients: lemon, lime, honey, mint and cucumber. If you skip your workout to sip one of these instead, we won’t tell.

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06-29-2016 | FWx/ 3,400,000

Summer calls for cool drinks on the patio but the kid inside you is screaming for a popsicle. Why not combine the two. These cocktails will remind you of your favorite childhood treats.

In My Web Now (Chocolate YooHoo!)

1.5 oz Torres 5 Brandy

.75 oz Crème de Cacao

.75 oz Mint Cream

Shake, strain into fancy flute. Garnish with shaved chocolate.

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06-10-2016 |

Seattle’s elegant new Palladian Hotel, in the heart of Belltown, has a similarly elegant bar in Pennyroyal, an old world-style spot focused on aged spirits and house-made ingredients like liquor infusions, vermouth, grenadine, tonic, and bitters. Inspired by old-world European style bars, Pennyroyal defines itself as a ‘social salon.’ The menu includes a rotating punch and drinks come served in handsome, heavy vintage glassware. Drinks are creative and contemporary and include things like the Dream Unicorn, a blend of Espolón Reposado tequila, fresh pineapple, ginger, lemon and bitter lemon soda with a floating raspberry sitting on flaming a lemon half. (Which is awesome, we have a real soft spot for flaming drinks). Bar snacks includes pickled mussels brined with seasonal chilies and other tasty things.

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Best Bars in Seattle

05-20-2016 | FWx

Fun fact: Seattle is home to more distilleries than any other city in America (24). Couple that with a dizzying number of local craft breweries, and you've got all the makings of a first-rate drinking town. Whether you're looking for a beer-and-shot situation or a perfectly-prepared martini, here are the bars where you should wet your whistle.

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10 Gin Cocktails for People Who Think They Don’t Like Gin

04-19-2016 |

Spirit drinkers tend to fall into two categories: those who like gin and those who don’t. Changing the minds of the latter group seems near impossible, even though the spirit is made the exact same way as vodka, and flavor infusions have quite a range, from natural botanicals like the traditional juniper berry to coriander, citrus and cinnamon.

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Hot Seattle Cocktail Trends According to 12 of the City's Top Bartenders

04-18-2016 |

Perhaps most famous in the drinks department for its mastery of all things coffee, Seattle has a way with spirits too. Not only do we have a plethora of straight-up cocktail bars shaking canisters until the wee morning hours, we also have more and more restaurants building a strong cocktail program.

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New bars, best cocktails and a word on Pappy Van Winkle

03-16-2016 | The Seattle Times

New drink menu: Pennyroyal’s Spanish-style gin-and-tonic list. Unlike the usual G&T, the Spanish variation is served in giant goblets and souped-up with herbs and spices to complement the botanicals in the gin.

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8 Oscar-Inspired Cocktails for Your Viewing and Drinking Pleasure

02-23-2016 | Food & Wine

Perhaps most famous in the drinks department for its mastery of all things coffee, Seattle has a way with spirits too. Not only do we have a plethora of straight-up cocktail bars shaking canisters until the wee morning hours, we also have more and more restaurants building a strong cocktail program.

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8 over-the-top fat-washed cocktails to drink in bars now

01-22-2016 |

The bacon fat-washed Old Fashioned that bar pro Don Lee famously created for PDT several years ago now seems downright quaint. Since then, bartenders have stepped up their game, “washing” spirits with fat from meats (duck fat, Wagyu beef, chorizo), brown butter, even a double whammy of milk fat and peanut butter.

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Drink Here Now

01-06-2016 |

WHY HERE: Located in the Palladian Hotel, Pennyroyal opened in spring 2015, immediately drawing fans with its dignified rock-and-roll vibe. WHY NOW: The inventive cocktail menu and punches pair with snacks like duck pancetta. As you might expect, Tiki Sundays—complete with volcano bowls—are a crowd favorite.

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Autumn's Best Apple Dishes, Sweets and Drinks

10-27-2015 |

Apples to Apples, a rum-ginger-allspice cocktail at The Pennyroyal at the Palladian in Seattle, gets its name from its apple juice base.

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4 Swell Seattle Hotel Bars

08-06-2015 | Seattle Mag

Fairly new, along with the hotel it sits within, Pennyroyal  has a smooth lounge vibe, with black booths, lots of low-lit spots, some cool art highlighting the space, and a swell bar. The cocktails aren’t as lounge-y though, as they boast some modern mixology twists. Take the Last Known Surroundings, which has rhubarb-infused Botanist gin, Italian aperitif Aperol, lemon, ginger, rhubarb bitters and dehydrated rhubarb. They also have Tiki Sundays, if you and your visitors want to get a little island style on at the end of a weekend, and yummy snacks such as their fried chickpeas.

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3 Cocktails That Prove Whiskey Is a Summer Spirit, Too

06-17-2015 | Yahoo!

For starters, warm-weather whiskey options go far beyond juleps and sours. Today’s bartenders are using brighter, fresher ingredients (fruits, veggies, herbs) and often swapping in dark spirits for light ones.

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