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Where To Go For Drinks And A Light Bite

07-05-2018 | The Infanuation

Yes, this is a hotel bar, but we promise, it’s actually good. It feels kind of like a mix between a speakeasy and a castle, with its low light, velvet booths, and excessively regal portraits of people like Bill Gates and Kelsey Grammer in the lobby.

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Splendid & Blended

06-20-2018 | In the Mix

Recipe courtesy of Travis Sanders, Pennyroyal, Seattle, Wash. “This drink is summer in a glass,” he says. “It just makes you want to sit in the sun on a patio and watch the ferryboats go by.”

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50 States of Frozen Drinks

06-05-2018 | Food Network Online

Bartender Travis Sanders’ Bramble is reminiscent of two memories from his lifetime in Seattle: walking to Luther Burbank park as a kid with the dogs and a bucket to pick fresh blackberries for jam for his PB&Js, and uncorking a chilled bottle of rosé on a boat on Lake Washington.

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Great Restaurants For Graduation Dinners

05-14-2018 | The Infatuation

Yes, it’s a hotel restaurant, but Shaker and Spear is also an ideal graduation option (and if your visitors are staying in the hotel, so much the better). There space is really attractive, the seafood is great, and the staff is super friendly. Reserve the large round table for eight if you can, and when you’re done with your meal, keep things going with cocktails at Pennyroyal next door, or Mr. Darcy’s two blocks down. Or both, because you managed to finish with a strong GPA despite that B- in the class you never showed up for. That deserves some celebration.

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The Best Bars In Belltown

04-19-2018 | The Infatuation

Pennyroyal is a hotel bar we really like. It’s a little small, but if you can grab a purple velvet booth or a spot at the counter, it’s worth it for the highly complicated (but delicious) cocktails and the bar snacks from Shaker + Spear.

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The 5 Hippest Hotels in Seattle

03-20-2018 | Fodors

The hotel's Pennyroyal bar (named for a Nirvana song) is a cozy haunt.

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7 Hotels Where You’ll Want to Hang Out at the Bar

02-06-2018 | Fodors

Palladian’s PennyRoyal (Nirvana fans will recognize the name from the song “Pennyroyal Tea”) serves up aged spirits, seasonal punches, and craft cocktails. The European-style bar has a glamorous speakeasy feel to it, with décor such as velvet aubergine banquettes, slate-gray walls, tin ceilings, and a marble bar.

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The One-Two Punch: A Date Night Dinner & Drinks Guide

01-25-2018 | The Infatuation

Move straight from Shaker and Spear to the Pennyroyal Bar, also located in the Palladian Hotel - you won’t even need to go outside. It feels kind of like a mix between a speakeasy and a castle, with its low lighting, velvet booths, and regal-looking portraits of people like Bill Gates and Kelsey Grammer in the lobby. The blackberry-cinnamon gin cocktails are our favorites, but the other cocktails are great, too.

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20 Places To “Grab A Drink” That Actually Serve Good Food

12-21-2017 | The Infatuation

Yes, this is a hotel bar, but we promise, it’s actually good. It feels kind of like a mix between a speakeasy and a castle, with its low light, velvet booths, and excessively regal portraits of people like Bill Gates and Kelsey Grammer in the lobby. It’s a good spot to bring a date for some blackberry-cinnamon gin cocktails, along with parmesan truffle fries, sage sausage scotch olives, and spicy chips with a yogurt dip.

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Sophisticated in Seattle

12-15-2017 |

Before we head for a post-dinner cocktail at Pennyroyal, walking off dinner is a must.

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Steeped in Tradition: 11 Top Tea Cocktails to Order Now

12-04-2017 | OpenTable Blog

Created by bartender Karen Johnson, this teatail is inspired by the decadent Thai version of iced tea and includes vodka, Thai tea, a spiced vanilla syrup, and cream.

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Eat This Now: 12 Dishes to Try in Seattle

10-13-2017 | Zagat Seattle

Just what is a Bagombo Snuff Box? It happens to be a delightful little cocktail served up at Belltown’s Penny Royal bar and it combines Thai tea with spiced vanilla syrup, vodka and a flamed star anise garnish for a kicky little cocktail perfect for crisp fall nights.

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Eating around Emerald City: Where to dine in Seattle

09-21-2017 | Austin American-Statesman

The hotel’s restaurant, Shaker + Spear, helmed by Chateau Marmont veteran chef Carolynn Spence, features Pacific Northwest seafood bistro fare like seared scallops, rockfish and rock shrimp with squid ink gnocchi, grilled branzino and charred octopus; the adjacent Pennyroyal Bar serves up well-executed classic cocktails and beer to hotel guests and locals alike.

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GUIDE: Where To Have Your Birthday Dinner

08-23-2017 | The Infatuation

Going to Shaker + Spear is like eating inside a Crate & Barrel, they have great seafood, and they also may have the nicest staff ever. And they’re all very well-dressed. Call ahead and reserve the large round table for eight, order some parmesan truffle fries, charred brussels sprouts, prawns with old bay butter, and bruleed mac and cheese. When you’re done, keep the party going with cocktails at Pennyroyal next door, or at Some Random Bar two blocks down. Or both. Because it’s your birthday.

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07-07-2017 |

A blended punch with an explosive presentation, the aptly named Trouble is made with Belvedere vodka, Aperol, wine syrup, simple syrup, and lime, grapefruit and cherry juices, plus five dashes of Angostura bitters. When all the ingredients are blended, the frozen mix is poured into a Volcano Bowl, garnished and lit on fire.

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Washington Distillers Throw Big Annual Booze Bash

06-30-2017 | Seattle Magazine

Proof, Washington’s annual celebration of Northwest distillers and the delicious products they make, is just a few shakes away. The Washington Distillers Guild's sampling party takes place 5:30-9 p.m. July 8 at Fremont Studios ($50-$75).

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Kimpton Palladian Hotel in Seattle

05-31-2017 |

Shaker and Spear is the on-site restaurant and it is where the food served in the PennyRoyal bar comes from. I was lucky enough to have dinner in here with the Volkswagen team when we were there driving the Golf Alltrack. Everything we had was wonderful.

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Where to Stay in Seattle: The Kimpton Palladian Hotel

05-18-2017 | LMents of Style

We ordered food from Shaker and Spear + drinks from Pennyroyal. All I can say is get the parmesan truffle fries! I can't remember which drink I got, but it was yummy! Nick had a classic old fashioned.

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12-28-2016 | ELLE Décor

2 oz. St. George Pear Brandy
.75 oz. lemon juice
.5 oz. honey bee pollen syrup
.25 oz. Amaro Montenegro
.5 oz. apple cider
1 egg white
Apple slices, thin
Add all ingredients into a shaker, dry shake, then add ice and shake again. Fine strain into cocktail glass, and garnish with a fan of thin apple slices and sprinkle with bee pollen.

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10-23-2016 | NYLON

The dimly-lit Pennyroyal bar is classic and cozy, perfect for grabbing a drink before taking in a show at the neighboring Moore Theater (also a historic landmark), and the downstairs restaurant Shaker + Spear (low-key one of Seattle’s better seafood restaurants).

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09-15-2016 | USA Today

At Pennyroyal in Seattle, head bartender Benjamin Harris makes Can You Feel The Buzz Tonight with George Pear Brandy, lemon juice, Honey-Bee Pollen Syrup, Amaro Montenegro, apple cider and egg white.

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08-31-2016 | Food Network Online

Runner's Revenge at Pennyroyal: Seattle

Don’t let this drink’s appearance fool you: It may be green in color, but it’s no healthy smoothie. Bartender Will Holland did create a similar nonalcoholic version for a father and son to drink post-run. In cocktail form, it blends gin with five healthy ingredients: lemon, lime, honey, mint and cucumber. If you skip your workout to sip one of these instead, we won’t tell.

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06-29-2016 | FWx/ 3,400,000

Summer calls for cool drinks on the patio but the kid inside you is screaming for a popsicle. Why not combine the two. These cocktails will remind you of your favorite childhood treats.

In My Web Now (Chocolate YooHoo!)

1.5 oz Torres 5 Brandy

.75 oz Crème de Cacao

.75 oz Mint Cream

Shake, strain into fancy flute. Garnish with shaved chocolate.

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